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We are committed to helping you make your site as effective, informative, and attractive as it can be. Graphic design is an important aspect of your online image: The look and feel of your site conveys not only your organization's branding, but also your commitment to clear communication. Your site's design template is how your members interact with you every day, and it is your public "face" to the greater community. As such, it should reflect the latest concepts in interface design.

Your site is uniquely your own. We can create your graphics and layout, or you can use any designer of your own choice. When we develop the graphics, we review a variety of sites with you to develop a clear idea of the style and structure of the design. This approach gives you an idea of the end result before we begin. In addition, you can have multiple designs within a single site, even to the point of giving each its own identity, web address and navigational structure (sites within a site). This is commonly implemented for chapters, special interest groups, committees or other executive bodies. Whether you choose to use your own graphic design template, use one of our templates, or work with a designer to create a design that’s completely unique for you; we will work in cooperation with you to install the template and integrate the design with your content manager.



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