We've Been Doing This For A Long Time

i4a™ was the first cloud-based provider of association management software. We have been helping associations reach and serve their communities for nearly three decades.

Our tools are built by people who understand how associations work, and we are continuously enhancing our solutions as the needs of associations grow and evolve.

Often based on feedback directly from our clients.

Everything we do is centered around the mission of ensuring our clients can depend on our easy-to-use, powerful member management software, while realizing maximum value to their organization.

i4a About Us

Built On Experience

i4a About Us

i4a™ started out as a certified public accounting firm concentrating in associations, who also happened to be providing management services to a professional society and an industry trade group.

This gave us valuable experience in what it takes to properly manage and grow an association: membership management, tax and accounting, database management, meeting planning, site visits and registrations, and long term strategic planning.

Riding The Wave Of New Technology Into The 21st Century

In 1996 internet4associations® (i4a™) was organized. We recognized the importance of the emerging internet and the significance it had for associations.

At that time, it cost tens of thousands of dollars to create a simple static "brochure" website. It required a dedicated telephone line, Unix computers and costly custom programming. The internet was dominated by slow dial-up modems.

We were certain that there had to be a better way, so we developed the first cloud-based platform for membership management when no one really understood what that even meant.

i4a About Us

Ongoing Growth And Improvement

i4a About Us

i4a™ is, and always has been privately owned.

It is not a venture capital start-up and has no venture capital funding. i4a™ owns all of the equipment used to provide the services it offers.

We are committed to continuously improving our solutions based on input from our association clients and changing technologies.

A Collaborative Operational Philosophy

Our solutions are designed with the evolving needs of associations in mind, developed with our client's feedback and input, and have helped hundreds of organizations build, grow, and empower their communities.

We are committed to providing outstanding client support, so you can focus on what's important. Our U.S-based support team is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 Stars based upon the evaluation from our own clients.

When our clients need us… we are always there.

i4a About Us
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