i4a™ Communities

Captivate your members with their own private social media platform to connect, converse, and collaborate with each other.

i4a Communities

Be The Center Of Your Members' Online Experience.

i4a Communities

Offer your community a safe, secure social media space to feel connected and informed about every topic or idea-sharing discussion that's meaningful to them.

And because i4a™ Communities was developed by us and used exclusively by our software, it instantly acknowledges changes in your always-up-to-date member database and recognizes updates in member status in real-time.

You can create private or public discussion forums and manage access for any group that already exists in your database.

i4a™ Communities requires no separate website, no separate set-up fee, and no separate license as part of i4a™ Enterprise.

Features To Help Your Community Stay Informed, Stay Engaged, and Stay Onboard.

Member Personal Feeds

All members have their own personalized social feed displayed prominently on their welcome page where they can:

  • View posts to threads they have subscribed to.
  • Read blog articles posted by other members they've connected with.
  • Directly reply to forums, threads, or comment on blogs.
  • Get notified of new forums or blog posts regardless of whether they follow or are connected with that individual.
  • Receive notifications of likes, comments, posts and direct messages.


Give your members a voice with powerful blogging tools that make it easy for them to share their thoughts, ideas, and passions.


Whether creating a blog, or interacting with one, your members are encouraged to engage and connect with others, strengthening your organization as a result.


Our blogging platform allows members to:

  • Express themselves through writing about topics they care enough about to share and are important to the association.
  • Assign keyword tags to organize their work so any member with similar interests can find and follow.
  • React to blogs with likes and comments to keep the conversations ongoing.


i4a™ Communities feature forum discussion boards where individuals can ask questions, share their experiences, discuss topics of mutual interest, and cultivate ideas around a particular subject.


More importantly, they will strengthen social connections and foster a sense of community in your association.

  • i4a™ Forums can be restricted to members-only, specifically defined groups, or open to non-members.
  • Use a simple keyword search, or advanced search capabilities, to find forum discussions that align with the topics that interest individuals the most.
  • Forum threads can be used as polls to survey members about topics important to the association.

Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging allows members to chat back and forth privately, and is a powerful way to encourage participation and to keep members coming back to your site.


i4a™ provides direct messaging capabilities throughout your entire site, anytime an individual's name is displayed in:

  • Their Communities profile.
  • As an author of a blog or a post.
  • Anytime they comment on a thread or post.
  • The listing notification of who is currently online.

Simply click on the name, send a private message, and get alerted when there is a response.

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications to their personal feed will keep members up-to-date as soon as they log in on profile activities such as:

  • A new member connection.
  • Comments and likes posted on a blog or forum discussion they are following.
  • Any unread direct messages.

When members are logged in, pop-up alerts will notify them immediately of new activities in real-time, from anywhere on the site.

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